Music Choices

My name is Seth. I'm 10 and I play baritone. A piece I really like is "Any Dream Will do". I don't know why I like it, I just do. Of the Christmas pieces I like "Walking in the Air".


I joined as a complete beginner. I'm Eve and Seth's Mum and I joined so I could help my children learn. I play tenor horn. There are a lot of pieces I enjoy. The Pirates of the Caribbean piece is frustrating as I've not got it nailed yet. The key and speed keeps changing. It’s getting there, though and will be really good once we're there. I like "Rolling in the Deep" as it’s the first complex piece I managed to get right. It took a lot of practice to get the rhythms. We have some good film themes ("Rocky" and "Raider’s March" – from Indiana Jones); they're good as they're very familiar tunes so are easier to learn. One favourite Christmas piece is "Christmas Interlude". It’s a medley of a few different carols. I love it as there’s a horn section in the middle that led me to hitting high notes that I hadn't achieved before. That bit is "The First Noel". It’s always easier to pitch when you know what you're aiming for. "Walking In The Air" is also a favourite as I think we sound fantastic as a group when we play it.


I'm Eve, I'm 12. My current favourite is "If I Was A Rich Man". I like it because of the rhythm and the nice tune. I like "Day-O" ("The Banana Boat Song"). It's loud and I like the way everyone's tunes link in together on it. (I play cornet.). Of the Christmas tunes, my favourite is "White Christmas". It’s a nice slow tune


I'm Eve and Seth's Dad. I started started out at a complete novice and I play a tuba. My favourite piece is "Hey Jude" (Beatles). I love when it gets to the crescendo and everyone is involved. Of the Christmas pieces, "Walking In The Air" has to be top as it is the most emotive. It makes me feel of Christmas.


My current favourite piece is Jurassic Park. I would definitely put it in every concert if I was musical director! I love all film music, especially John Williams scores. Another piece I enjoy is Jerusalem which is a fun but challenging play!