My Beevor Band Experience

I first found out about band when I was a young Beaver at 13th Lincoln Beaver Scouts. One of the leaders there was in the Lincoln Beevor Band and one night she gave us a leaflet about band. When I was going home I decided I wanted to join. I didn't know what to expect really. The first time I went into the band room I recognised two people I knew, my Beaver leader and a boy from my class. I chose a cornet to learn to play; it was the smallest instrument they had. My mum and brother decided to learn to play an instrument too. My mum chose a euphonium and my brother chose a cornet like me. We first learnt how to buzz into our mouthpieces. We then put the mouthpieces into our instruments and played a note. We got sent home with this book to learn notes and we got told to practice certain things. My mum didn't get on with her instrument so she changed to a tenor horn, which is like a much smaller version of a euphonium. My brother’s notes couldn't be distinguished so he moved to a horn. (He later went on to a baritone. I got better every week and eventually got good enough to be part of a mini tester band where we played music together. My dad joined a few weeks later and he plays a bass tuba.

A year after we joined we were good enough to sit in with the band and play a bit of music. We played more and more tunes over the weeks and eventually became part of the band. I remember my first concert, it was at a church on Monks Road. Me and my brother had to play a small tune each at the start of the concert. I was excited as it was my first concert, like I've already said.

My second concert was in November and it was for fireworks night. I was exited again so was the rest of my family, except for my mum. My mum was nervous, extremely nervous. She said she felt like her blood was swapped with lemonade!

It was an amazing experience and I loved it and I still love it! I was nervous at first and I did get things wrong but I couldn't have become as good I am now without the mistakes I made.

Two years ago at Christmas we had a performance at a brewery. We played Christmas carols on the train there and on the way back. It was fun, even though we were on a train and it was late at night.

We learn loads of new and old songs all the time and some are hard and some are easy and some stay hard and some become easier. Some songs I have heard of and some songs I haven't like I had heard of 'The A team' but not 'Der Dritte Mann'. I find pieces easier when I know them so I know what they are supposed to sound like. I also find pieces easier when someone else has the same tune as me. I think pieces are harder when they are really quick or really slow.

Our latest concert was in December at Carholme Golf Club. We played Christmas tunes such as Frosty the Snowman and The Twelve Days of Christmas. We played some more than once and we got the audience to sing along.

We arrange something fun instead of band sometimes, like bowling or a barbecue, around a holiday (which I enjoy). I like the fact that if you are young or old you can join band. I really enjoy band because it is fun and I like playing music and it is satisfying when I can finally get that note or section of a piece of music that I couldn't do before.

Eve Dawson, 11