I enjoy band because it is a fun activity and the time spent practising pays off and is not wasted. One of the other reasons I enjoy band is that the music is fun to do. I also enjoy the concerts we do; my favourite one was on a train. I enjoyed it even though the music kept falling off the stand and it was late at night.

Eve, 11

I joined to support my daughters learning. Then my husband and son also joined. We were all new to reading music and playing an instrument. We have all progressed well and enjoy playing in a band. It's a very cheap family activity.


Well, the people - what a lovely lot. Oh, and the music we manage to make (beginners and all). Under a very musical director. (Nearly forgot - it's better than 2 for 1 - it's free i.e. loan of instrument and tuition.)


I've had great fun learning an instrument through band. I've played a number of concerts over the years including on a train, Lincoln Castle and at fetes across the county. My favourite bit is playing new music in practice! I've found it's been a real bonus when applying for university and jobs.

Rachel, 24

We would like to convey a big thanks to Jane and the band for all the help and support they have given to To our Son over the years. Being a part of the band has helped him to grow both musically and personally as he has grown in confidence.


We have come to the end of our school year here in Bangkok and we were thinking about you this week as Erin got her Grade 3 Trumpet results back. She passed with Distinction!

Next year at school she will continue with her individual lesson as well as playing in the Concert Band and orchestra as she moves to secondary. She will be pleased to be part of a group again as she loved her time with you.

Kai is still playing the trombone and is planning on doing his exam in November and Theo wants to start the trumpet too!

Thank you for all the lessons and help when we were in Lincoln.

Philippa and Erin